We have many years of experience in offering Initial Teacher Training, which has led to a resoundingly positive reputation with both schools that we have already worked with and HE institutions. 88% of our trainees last year qualified as outstanding NQT's. In 2018/19 we plan to develop and extend our programme to further develop high quality training that is tailored to suit the needs of all our partnership schools.

Working with Liverpool John Moores University and Egerton Community Primary will strengthen the support, guidance, training and development opportunities for schools and trainees. The partnership is highly regarded across the North West and the opportunity to work collaboratively, sharing best practice is an exciting prospect and will further increase the breadth of expertise and the quality of our provision.

Throughout my time at Turton there was a wide variety of outstanding training sessions to stimulate my thinking about teaching, and challenge my own teaching practice in order to continuously strive for better. My timetable on my placement was a perfect balance of developing my teaching in the classroom and time spent researching various aspects of pedagogy. The support and encouragement from my mentors, my department, as well as all other colleagues and trainees was exceptional. All staff were incredibly welcoming and eager to help me develop as a teacher and have a successful placement. Turton has a strong sense of community and it is clearly evident as soon as you walk through the front doors, that each and every young person is cared for and supported. It was exactly the kind of school that I wanted to be a part of.


Our aim is simple; for schools to work together to shape the future of teaching. We want to develop resilient practitioners who are passionate about education and determined in their own desire to influence the life chances of young people. The best way to do this is through school-based training which is why supporting our partner schools is paramount.

To this end, we offer:

• High quality training and on-going support for both subject and professional mentors
• Enthusiastic trainees who will be committed to continual self-improvement and contribute positively to the wider school community
• Opportunities for your school to be involved in HE programme delivery

• A comprehensive ITT programme
• A lead school who will listen, support and work collaboratively to create and deliver a high quality teacher training programme
• Generous financial remuneration

As a trainee, the first day at a new school can be nerve wracking; However, the minute I stepped through the doors at Turton the overwhelming positive attitude of everyone around me immediately put me at ease. You are instantly accepted as part of a team. Something that helped me throughout the training period. The support network that is provided is exceptional and although the year is hard, I always felt that I had someone to speak to about any concerns I had. I was able to gain ideas from teachers both in and out of my department. The training process at Turton enabled me to start to develop my own teacher identity which was supported by the strong ethos of the school and a targeted CPD programme. The CPD offered develops from on your own needs which I found to be extremely useful. My development was enhanced through the sessions run by experienced and inspirational members of staff.

During my placement at Turton I received outstanding training. The high quality of training provided by my professional and subject mentor significantly developed my teaching ability. Subsequently, it gave me the confidence in my teaching ability and resulted in being graded an outstanding teacher. The professional mentor arranged an extensive professional development programme, which benefited all trainees to improve as teachers. An integral part of training at Turton was that constant expectation for trainees to be committed to continually improving, regardless of where they are at in terms of their teaching ability. Therefore, other schools hiring trainee teachers that have trained at Turton gain high quality teachers who are really proactive in their own professional development.


We work with a large number of trainees each year and have worked with the North West's leading ITT providers combining core programmes with SD programmes. The generic nature of University based training works well for some trainees, but for others, the courses do not meet their needs and there is little opportunity to develop a personalised programme. Continual improvement is at the heart of the work that we do, and by offering a year-long placement we feel that your school will reap the benefits of the expertise and time that all your staff invest. Importantly, a longer placement provides the pupils and the school with continuity. The advantage of this is that trainees see themselves as part of the whole school community.